Bear Shoe Works Repairs

Over a century of custom boot work, repairs, and restorations!

Bear Shoe Works located in Superior Wisconsin, is the parent company for Safety Boot HQ.  And not only does Bear Shoe know all things Safety Boot related, but we also still repair shoes and boots to this day.  We know your favorite pair of shoes or boots are important to you.  And we know that when something fits you shouldn't mess with it.  But at some point in the life of your favorite foot wear you're going to need a repair.  Don't throw your favorite shoes away, get in touch with us instead.  We'll bring your favorite shoes or boots back to life!

Boot Repair & Shoe Repair Done Right

We’ve been in business for over 100 years.  And over that time a lot has changed.  Today’s work boots, safety boots, and casual footwear are made in a variety of ways not available a century ago.  But here’s what hasn’t changed.  When you have that perfect work boot that fits perfect you want to hang on to it.  And Bear Shoe can help you with your boot repair, shoe repair, and even custom work on your current boots or new ones.

If you’ve got the boots or shoes that you love and don’t want to part with, Bear Shoe can bring them back to life.  These days people think when something is worn out or too old you can just throw it away.  But we want you to know, you can get repair work done on your favorite boots or shoes.  We still know how to repair your footwear.

Custom Boot and Shoe Work

Maybe you’re not looking to repair your favorite set of work boots.  Instead you might be looking for some custom work on a new pair of boots or shoes.  We can help you out with that as well.

There are times in life when you just don’t get the exact right fit on your footwear.  Today with all of the amazing advancements in medicine we often find customers who have recently been through knee replacement or hip replacement surgery.  And after everything has healed their footwear isn’t exactly perfect.  We can build up your shoes or boots, and customize your new footwear to match your current needs.


Boot Repair and Shoe Repair Video

Want to know more about how we can bring your favorite boots or shoes back to life?  Watch this video of Klaus working his magic.

Click the link below to open a printable PDF Repair Request Form.  Please print the sheet out and include it with your items that you wish to have repaired.  If you have any questions about sending a repair in to Bear Shoe Works don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Download our boot repair form today

Bear Shoe Repair Form

Our Repair Services Pricing

Service Price
Build Up Full Sole
3/8”-1/2” $44.95 per boot / shoe
3/4” $54.95 per boot / shoe
1” $59.95 per boot / shoe
Additional 1/4” $10 per boot / shoe
Misc Repairs
Buckles $14.95 Each $29.95 Pair
Plastic Cleats $10.95 Pair
Velcro / Elastic $14.95 Each $29.95 Pair
Eyelets / Hooks / D Ring $9.95 Each $2.00 additional
Leather Loops $12.95 Each
Dye Shoes Black or Brown Starting at $29.95
Leather Patch Starting at $12.95
Stretching Shoe $9.95 Boots $14.95
Snaps $9.95 Each $2.00 additional
Shine / Polish $9.95 Pair
Zipper Repairs
Boot $34.95 Each
Jacket $59.95 Each
Purse $29.95 Each
Slide $15.95 Each
Boot Guard
Boot Guard with Purchase $29.95 Each
Boot Guard (all other) $34.95 & Up
Leather Patch $9.95 per patch
Men’s Heels (per pair)
Rubber Heels $29.95 and up
Vibram Lug $39.95 and up
Men’s Half Soles (per pair)
Leather $49.95 per pair
With rubber heels $69.95 per pair
Composition $44.95 per pair
With Rubber heels $64.95 per pair
Sole Guard $44.95 per pair
Men’s Full Soles
Vibram Lug $139.95 per pair
Vibram Wedge $109.95 per pair
Redwing Wedge $109.95 per pair
Redwing 2.0 $109.95 per pair
Elk Tracker $109.95 per pair
Marathon $89.95 per pair
All others $109.95 per pair
Birkenstock Repairs
Resole $69.95 per pair
Recraft $89.95 per pair
Misc Repairs $9.95 and up
Women’s Heels
Topy $14.95 and up
Peg $14.95 and up
Women’s Half Soles
Leather $44.95 per pair
Composition $39.95 per pair

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